A Viceral Vintage Assault on the Senses



Mind Space Apocalypse

Something about the 1920’s through 50’s is just interesting, odd, and kind of creepy to me. It seems almost unbelievably surreal and everything is so “propaganda-ish”







This is a strange fuckin’ video used over 50 years ago to warn kids, and parents, about Child Molesters (Warning, some found it disturbing):

– Kelly Long:  ‘I was the young girl in this movie who was “lost” at a street corner, got spooked by the man who approached me, and ran across the street to tell the motorcycle police officer (time-lapsed reading while watching the film was 15:51). I was born in 1951 and was 13 the Summer this film was made. I’d been active in Mansfield, Ohio Little Theatre and apparently was “discovered” by the Highway Safety Foundation during a performance in the play, “The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker”. Two adult brothers, Stan and Stu, (I’ll not disclose their last name) who were…

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