CosPlay/Model Spotlight: Stephanie van Rijn

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“The Crazy Ginger Geek” ~Stephanie van Rijn~
As Harley Quinn:
Besides CosPlayer she’s a Trekkie, gamer, modeled in U.S. & Canada, and talented writer/actress
Hot Hot Hot
Disney Burlesque:
Visual Poem written by and starring Stephanie:
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Stephanie-van-Rijn’s DeviantArt Gallery
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@PRxChillin – @MisterApexGrey – @Overkill_MSA

A nice mix of pics, gifs, and vids

Ass, Beautiful, Bouncing Boobs, Dark Side of Beauty, DevilsToyBox, gif, gifs, Girls, hot,, Inked, Sexy, Shadows, Tattooed Chick, Tits, Video

⏫Tech N9ne ft. Slipknot⏫
(With Dark Art Video I made for it cause I couldn’t find a good video, song’s too new)
⏫Keep your eye on the water to the left, creepy shit⏫
⏫Eminem, Travis Barker then Korn, Skrillex⏫

Brittanya from VH1

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Random Mix of Inked & Natural

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Ladies of Voorhees

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CosPlayer and Alt. Model Zsu Zsu Star

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CosPlay/Alt. Model
Zsu Zsu Starr
Jason Voorhees making a cameo 
Hey it’s Jason again

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Freaky Friday

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Part 1 (scroll down for part 2)


Part 2

💣Mind-Fuck Friday🍄

Stare at the black dot on the lower right⬆
and the⬆moving line on the left will start to turn blue
Use the power of your mind to control this train,
You can make it go backwards or forwards
Just by thinking it
Idk if Eminem is fucked up, bored to death, or just being funny,
but this is hilarious to me